Hair colouring says a lot about you and your personality. Capri belongs to an internationally acclaimed salon community respected and trusted for hair colouring expertise. From bold changes to subtle enhancements, our colour experts will help you make the right statement.

Hair Colour $70+
Bleach & Tone $95+
Partial/Creative Highlights $85+
Full Highlights $125+
Colour & Partial Highlights
Colour & Full Highlights (Long/Thick Hair Extra)
Colour Change or Correction Consultation
Balayage $155+
Men’s Grey Blending Service
Blend away grey discreetly in five minutes

Capri’s styling team specializes in texture services that conquer the toughest hair challenge. Need volume? We build body. Want control? Our skilled stylists can tame the curliest or frizziest hair.



  • Completely Eliminates Frizz
  • Smooths Waves & Curls
  • Imparts High Gloss Shine
  • Improves Vibrancy and Durability of Color
  • Reduces Styling Time
  • Dramatically Improves Health, Condition & Manageability Over Time


Voted Best Professional Smoothing Treatment 5 years in a row! Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, Brazilian Blowout improves the overall condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle, instantly transforming the look and feel of your hair for up to 12 weeks.

From thick and curly to fine and frizzy and all of the textures in between, Brazilian Blowout is the only customizable smoothing treatment that delivers the smoothest result possible or keeps curls/waves while removing frizz for all hair types in only 90 minutes.

And there is no waiting period. The minute you leave the salon you can exercise, wash hair, swim, or put your hair in a ponytail or clip without worry. Ask your certified Capri Stylist for a consultation and discover how a Brazilian Blowout can give you the smooth, radiant, frizz-free, easy-to-manage hair of your dreams every day.

CHI Transformation System

Transform your unruly hair with a CHI permanent hair straightening treatment!
Priced on Consultation


CHI’s revolutionary technology utilizes ceramic heat, negative ions and infused silk for those looking for permanently straighter, silkier and healthier hair in a fraction of the time. Our individualized treatment focuses on your unique hair texture needs. Call for your free consultation!

FAQ: CHI Transformation System

Will CHI permanent straightening damage my hair?
No, with proper at-home care, your hair condition should improve.
How long does it take to apply this treatment service?
Every treatment is formulated to meet the individual needs of each client. Application and processing times vary depending on the condition and thickness of each client’s hair. Allow 3-4 hours for the treatment.
What maintenance is required?
CHI shampoo and conditioner should be used for optimal results. A home-care kit is available for purchase at time of treatment. Your re-growth is treated in subsequent treatments to keep your hair smooth, soft and silky permanently.


Kiss your frizzy hair goodbye!

The KERASILK De-Frizz Service provides long-lasting smooth and perfectly frizz-controlled hair for up to 4-6 weeks! People with curly hair keep their waves, volume and shape without bulkiness and frizz, and people with straight hair love the fly-away taming, silky results!

This is a gentle treatment ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to permanently change the structure of their hair.

Permanent Wave (Cut & Style IS extra)