Wigs Services

We provide stylish, contemporary and affordable hair fashions from the best manufacturers. At Capri, we understand that choosing the perfect wig isn’t just about options. How and where a woman makes her selection is important. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wig styling room designed for your comfort and privacy.

We’ll custom fit and style your personal selection in a private room, free from distractions, so that you can focus on what’s important: finding the wig that brings out the best in you.

You deserve to look your best every day. Let our knowledgeable, caring wig specialists help you make the best choice. Book your free consultation today!

FAQ: Wigs Services

How do I know which wig is best for me?
We offer a free, private consultation to help you select the best choice and style.

Is a human hair wig better than synthetic?
Human hair wigs require gentle care and styling time, just like our own hair. They are heavier and cost more. Many synthetic and blended fibers available today are cost effective, easy to maintain and style and are wash & wear. Our wig specialists will help you to make the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

How much do wigs cost?
We resource a wide selection of wigs available in a variety of qualities and prices. During your initial consultation we will discuss prices and styles best suited to you. If this is a temporary hair loss situation, we can help you find an affordable option that will look great for as long as you need.

Can I look as natural and normal as possible?
Yes! Together we will select a style best suited to you. Our wig specialists are also experienced hairstylists and colourists that understand all of your specific hair needs.

Where in the salon are your wig services offered?
We offer a free, individual consultation in a private, safe environment.

Hair Extensions

Create instant length, volume or colour! Human hair, permanent & clip-in options available. Priced on consultation.

Hair Affair Custom Human Hair Clip-In Extensions $259+
Easy clip-in add-ons to effortlessly create instant length, volume and colour. Can be personalized, are fun to wear and you can change your look to suit your mood! Available in 14”and 18” lengths in a wide variety of colours. Book your complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Loop ‘n Lock Extension System Priced on Consultation
No Glue, No Heat, No Weave, no problem! Top Quality 100% Remy Human Hair.  Add some highlights or some fun “pops of colour”  without damaging your hair!

FAQ: Loop ‘n Lock Extension System

What is Remy Human Hair?
Our Loop ‘n Lock hair is a mix of Indian and Asian hair. It is 100% Remy, so the cuticle is intact and running in the same direction. Indian hair is considered to be the best (while still being affordable) as it is very silky. The Asian hair that is used in Loop ‘n Lock has a very fine denier, which blends well when combined with Indian hair. It has not been coated with silicone, so the hair will stay healthier looking, longer.

What is the Loop ‘n Lock Attachment?
The quality of the bond or attachment is very important. Our attachment is made of aluminum and has a protective coating on the inside ensuring protection to the hair. As there is no use of glue or adhesive of any sort, there is no chance of any residue being left on the hair when the extensions are removed. They are very quickly and easily installed and removed, making the whole service a pleasure for both the client and the stylist.

How long does take to apply the extensions?
It takes approximately 3 hours to apply Loop ‘n Lock extensions to a full head. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to apply Loop ‘n Lock extensions for volume and highlights. A few chunky, fun colours can be applied in minutes.

What is the maintenance for Loop ‘n Lock extensions?
Your hair must be brushed twice a day from roots to ends with a Loop brush or boar bristle brush. Hair should be tied back loosely or braided for sleeping to prevent tangling. Avoid submerging your head in salt water or chlorinated swimming pools. Using the recommended hair products will help to keep your extensions silky, shiny and smooth. Regular check-ups with your stylist is recommended.

Will Loop ‘n Lock extensions damage my hair?
No. If you maintain your extensions properly, you will enjoy shiny, silky hair that will not damage your natural hair. Consultation is required to assess your hair’s condition to ensure you are a candidate for Loop ‘n Lock.

Eyelash Extensions
Flares Daytime Look $65+
Flares Glamour Look $85+
Singles $100+
Refill $40+

For full details on Eyelash Extensions please refer to our Spa Essentials page.